August 2017 Newsletter

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Back to School!

Our children will be coming back to Cherry Street and the Warehouse program on August 16th.  Our “theme” for the year is going to be Fruit of the Spirit from Galatians.  We will be dedicating one month to each fruit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.

Please pray and consider how you can help us in our mission to share the fruit this school year with the children.  We always need volunteers and love to have guest speakers.

July 2017 Newsletter

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Summer FUN!

So far this summer, our children were able to attend TWO VBS programs, 60 children have completed two weeks of swim lessons and we have served about 1,000 breakfasts and 1,500 lunches in June.  As part of our dinosaur week, Mr. Martin, a Geologist from KDOT came and spoke with the children about the fossils we can expect to find in Kansas.   We have a fun filled July planned for the children.  We just want to thank each of you for your financial support and prayers for our summer programs!!

June 2017 Newsletter

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Warehouse Happenings

Our first year of middle school programming is in the books as a successful year!  We had over 30 children registered to attend through out the school year.  We want to thank the Presbyterian Church for housing us.  Ms. Mary (with the church) has been super helpful and a great mentor to the children.

We anticipate growth in the program for next year as many of our current 5th graders plan to attend next year as a middle schooler.  We hosted a 5th grade “tour” of the program and the kids had a blast.

We truly feel these children need poured into.  Please pray for guidance for the Warehouse staff to fill the needs and let these children grow in Christ.

May 2017 Newsletter

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Annual Skate Party!!!

We are required to track grades for the children attending Cherry Street to report on one of our goals for our After School Enhancement Grant.  Collecting report cards for over 100 children each semester can be quite a task.  The skate party is a reward for all the children that have turned in their report cards and to celebrate all their progress through out the year!

April 2017 Newletter


Spring Buzz

The children have been busy preparing for spring planting.  Seedlings have been growing in our classroom with the help of our special lamps.  Potatoes have been cut and planted.  We are developing some raised beds for our strawberries.  And construction of our new bee hives has been finished!

We pray for a good growing season.  We pray that our children will soak up knowledge and appreciation for all the wonderful things God grows for us in the garden this year.

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Newsletter April 2017



October 2016 Newsletter


Who are our children?
We have gathered some interesting demographic data on the current elementary students we have attending Cherry Street. Obviously our children are more than just some percentage of a pie chart but this information can give us and you a snip-it of information about some of the challenges they may face. 81% of our children qualify for free or reduced meals from the school district. That indicates their household is considered to be low or extremely low income. 48% of our children do NOT attend church or have an identified church home. 46% of our children are from non traditional family households. These means nearly half our children are in foster care, being raised by a single parent or divorced parents, or are being raised by a grandparent or extended family member.

19% of our children have moved more than 2 times in the past 12 months. We know stability and structure are critical for healthy social and emotional development in children. 17% of children are receiving a special education service from school. This indicates delays in their learning or development. We get new children each year and times change in how services and which classes are offered here at Cherry Street however, it is clear our mission is still needed in Chanute. We are committed to help children develop spiritually, emotionally, physically, and academically with in the community…

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April 2016

Holy Week at Cherry Street

The week leading up to Easter is a special time at Cherry Street! During Holy Week, our children learn about Jesus’ amazing gift to each one of us. Our bible teachers prepared hands on lessons for the children to learn of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, his death, and his resurrection.
The children receive Easter baskets as part of the Holy Week celebration.

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