Ecology Day!

WOW, we had over 100 high school students come to our 3 campuses to help spruce things up!  They bagged 27 bags worth of leaves and weeds, helped level and move dirt, laid gravel around the greenhouse, cleaned equipment, and helped “fluff” our wood chips on the playground.  In addition to the CHS students and staff, we had two of our loyal volunteers help with the large equipment.  Kenny Herder brought his skid steer to help move dirt and gravel and Larry Mallet assisted on the play ground with the tiller. 

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We are having tons of FUN this summer!!!

              62 elementary students that will be going into 1st-5th grades this fall are having tons of fun with us this summer!!  These children have attended  VBS at both the 1st United Methodist Church and the 1st Baptist Church.  Many of their parents chose to have them participate in the free lunch program provided by USD 413 after VBS.  Swim lessons were a great success.  We are very thankful to USD 413 for providing transportation to and from those lessons each day.  We have wonderful things happening in our garden and the greenhouse this summer.  Our children have had the chance to eat fresh blueberries picked right here at Cherry Street.  They also had the opportunity to have some fresh honey from our hives.


2019 Summer Programs

              Our middle school students are going to focus on the One Direction in life that will lead to the most success this summer.  Each one of us was created with intention and purpose.  Our choices can lead us in directions that take us away from our Father in Heaven.  Our middle school students will learn new skills and sharpen the ones they already have this summer to help them recognize when they or their loved ones are heading in the wrong direction.   The summer is packed with fun, fellowship, and service opportunities.

The elementary students will be learning about light.  They will learn the science of light and the power behind each Christian light in all of us.  We will be attending VBS at the 1st United Methodist Church and the 1st Baptist Church this summer.  The children will have two weeks of swimming lessons in June.  Our July will be so bright, and full of fun, the kids will need shades!


I am very excited to share that we met 100% of our 50,000 challenge!!!! As of the print of this newsletter we have received 18,240.86 toward our match for the additional 30,000 challenge we received. We still have a few checks coming in dated back in December that will continue to go towards that 30,000. When we receive the match funds we will have 138,482 to go toward next years operating cost!!

Thank you for all your generosity in 2018!!

December 2018 Newsletter


December is the final month of your annual fundraising challenge. We are nearly to 30,000 at the end of November. Our goal is to reach 80,000 by the end of this month. Your financial support is so critical and appreciated here at Cherry Street. Our day to day operations are possible because of our contributors! Just last mother we purchased $1300 worth of food for after school snacks, needed 23 bags of soil for the greenhouse, and had to have the sewer system at Warehouse worked on due to roots clogging the line.

November 2018 Newsletter

Challenge Update:

October started our annual challenge off with just under $8,000 in donations! That leaves $72,000 left to raise in the next two months to allow us to have all of the potential match funds. I would love to personally come to a church service, community organizational meeting, staff meeting, board meeting or what ever opportunity you can make available to speak about our ministry with the children of Chanute and why financially supporting our after school programs is so important to our kids and the community. You can contact me at or at the office at 431-2161. Thank you for everyone’s support!!

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Newsletter November 2018


September 2018 Newsletter

Newsletter September 2018

Jesus Loves me, this I know…

Many of you know this children’s song by heart.  I learned it in Sunday school at a very early age.

We are so excited to start a new school year with our children here at Cherry Street!  We have new learning opportunities and we have tweaked classes to make them more effective and fun for the children.                We currently have 130 children registered in our elementary and middle school programs combined.  About half of those children do not attend church regularly or do not have a “church home”.  69% of our children come from lower income homes which qualify for free or reduced meals at school.

We want to teach EVERY child that Jesus loves them.  We want them to know there is nothing that can separate them from his love.  We want to fill them with hope and power to achieve the great plan He has for their lives.  Please be praying for each child and for every staff member this year.