June 2018 Newsletter

Newsletter June 2018

Summer Camp

We have a super fun summer planned for kids K-7th grades!  We are all about camping.  We have church camp, sports camp, survival camp, and science camp planned for our elementary students.  Our middle schoolers will be earning “badges” for survival skills they master through the summer.  A few of the badges are cooking, self defense, fishing, building a shelter, devotional, respect, and first aid.

Please pray for a safe summer and that children will grow in their faith.  Pray for our summer staff to be healthy and full of  life!  We appreciate your support and prayers!


MAY 2018 Newsletter

Newsletter May 2018

Building Project Update

We are very excited about our new greenhouse  and classroom/storm shelter space!  The educational opportunities the children will have and our ability to connect our faith in God’s plan for us through his creations will be powerful!

Most of you know building projects often go over budget or funding sources come in under projected income.  One of the grants we received was $100 thousand short of what we asked for in our proposals.  To enable us to complete the project and pay the contractor’s promptly.  I am coming to you with this specific need.

We need your supports to helps us bridge the gap.  Several of our readers donate generously each month and that greatly helps our operating costs through the year.            Contact your church or place of employment to see if they have a match program for charitable giving.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization!  If you are aware of any grant funding possibilities, please contact our office at 431-2161 or email me at jshields@cherrystreet.org.

We thank you for all you do and for every prayer offered for our children and this ministry!



April 2018 Newsletter


Easter fun

Most years here at Cherry Street we are able to send home an Easter basket filled with goodies with each student.  This is possible because of the donations we receive.  This year we decided to do something different.  Each family received a carton of Resurrection Eggs.  These eggs and the scripture provided help the children and their families learn about the days leading up to Christ’s crucifixion and his glorious resurrection!

Newsletter April 2018

March 2018 Newsletter

Annual Church Visits

This is always a fun time of year when we get to visit local churches.  Our intention is to expose our children to community churches that could potentially become their families’ “church home”.    We visit different churches each year.  This year we visited the 1st Nazarene,  Living Word, Ambassador Christian, Zion Lutheran, and the 1st Baptist churches.

Newsletter March 2018

January 2018 Newsletter

Newsletter January 2018


2017 Christmas Program

We had a wonderful night!  Over 300 people were in attendance at this years program.  The children worked so hard and everything turned out wonderful.  Thank you to all the volunteers that came to helps us and to Pastor Steve Suttles with the Church of the Nazarene for delivering a message to the children and their families about God’s love and sacrifice for each of us.  Hopefully hearts were touched


April 2016

Holy Week at Cherry Street

The week leading up to Easter is a special time at Cherry Street! During Holy Week, our children learn about Jesus’ amazing gift to each one of us. Our bible teachers prepared hands on lessons for the children to learn of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, his death, and his resurrection.
The children receive Easter baskets as part of the Holy Week celebration.

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