Each month this semester, Cherry Street children are learning an “I Am” statement. Each of these statements represents a very important message Jesus has for all people.

January’s statement is “I am made.” We believe that every child should know that he or she is fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).

February’s statement is “I am precious.” Just like the song says, “[the children] are precious in His sight.” Cherry Street teaches the children that Jesus considers each one of them loveable and worthwhile.

March’s statement is “I am saved.” First and foremost, we teach each child that he or she can be saved by grace through Jesus Christ.

April’s statement is “I am light.” Each child at Cherry Street learns Jesus came to be the light of the world, but He has also commissioned all of us to be a light with Him.

May’s statement “I am able.” Cherry Street strives to show every child that he or she is capable and responsible.

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